Architectural Control / Reminders
Mary Dippold
Mary Dippold
712 Country Stone Ct
Joel Kray
Joel Kray
1679 Country Hill Ln
Cindy Lyons
Cindy Lyons
939 Chestnut Ridge Rd
Tim Martin
Tim Martin
951 Imperial Pt
Rosemary Wilder
Rosemary Wilder
4 Duddin Court

For approval of home additions, alterations, new fencing, or any item related to the original
indentures and all amendments, please submit plans or drawings, along with a copy of your plat map,
indicating location of project.  Be sure to include your name, address and phone number.  
Use one of
the two forms above depending on which type home you have.

The Architectural Control Committee can assist you. Check the listings of names above. Please mail or
place paperwork in an envelope addressed to Joel Kray, 1679 Country Hill Ln, Manchester, MO 63021,
or you may come in person to the monthly Trustee meeting held on the first Monday of each month at
the clubhouse.  This may be necessary if we need to see a sample of the proposed material which
cannot be mailed. There is a weather-prro box on his front proch where yo can deposit paperwork and
paint sample boards.

Common household project that need a Manchester permit include:
City of Manchester Planning & Zoning Forms

You may reach the city of Manchester Planning and Zoning staff at 636-227-1385, Ext. 123 to find out
what permits you might need before starting your next project, or Click on "Check To See If A permit Is
Required-Residential" at the top of this page for complete details.

Many homes in the subdivision are bordered by common ground.  These areas provide us with a
great deal of beauty and privacy, while increasing everyone’s property value.  Please remember that
common ground is not to be altered in any way without the approval of the trustees.  It is to remain in
its natural state.  This means no cutting of trees or or clearing of any vegetation, no building of bike
trails or structure, and no waste dumping on common areas.

The title company will ask for your assessment information.  Our assessment accounting is provided
by City & Village Tax Service, #3 Hollenberg Ct., Bridgeton, Missouri, 63044.  The phone number is
(314) 739-4800.

The Cedar Homes Committee and the Archictectural Control Committee have approved an additional
siding material following the approval of Amendment 3.  

One is called LP SmartSide® Panel Siding from Louisiana Pacific.  It is of wood chip construction with
resins added then pressed into sheets.  It is about ½ the cost of T1-11.  It has a deep cedar grain
texture, is free of knots, voids and other imperfections found in plywood.  It is easy to align and
install, has a pre-painted surface, accepts a high-quality exterior latex paint, can be installed directly
to studs, and comes in 4’ X 8’, 9’ and 10’ vertical sizes with 8” on center grooves like T1-11.  It resists
damage caused by termites and fungal moisture.  It has a 30-year transferable limited warranty and a 7-
year, 100% labor and material replacement feature.  Trim, facia and soffit are also available.  The
Committee has established contractor pricing with 84 Lumber Company.  You can go to
http://www. to learn more about LP SmartSide®  Panel Siding.  The cedar terrace
homeowners should then click on
Siding & Trim under Walls.  Then click on Panel Siding and the Trim
& Fascia products.  

The originally approved Hardie vertical panel product is no longer manufactured. They do
have a product called Sierra 8 but it is
NOT approved for the terrace homes.  Other allowed siding
comparable to the original Hardie fiber-cement product approved in Amendment 3 is Maxitile,
CertainTeed, and Diamond Kote.  Each of these products is available in 4’ X 8’, 9’ or 10’ vertical
panels, wood grained and grooved on 8” centers just like T1-11. The factory-applied finish (color) is
warranted according to each manufacturers specifications.

You can call Keith Brown at 636-225-8151 for more information on either of these approved sidings.

Colors- (For terrace homes only)

Tan Colors: Our benchmark colors are Sherwin Williams # 6143 “Basket Beige, # 6108 “Latte”, # 6107
Nomadic Desert”, # 6122 Camel Back.  If a color submitted is lighter in color than the above colors
then the color is deemed to be beige and not tan, therefore it will not be approved.

Gray:  ACC approves only neutral gray's.                           

Brown Colors: The ACC uses its best judgment for brown colors, as long as they are not near black.

Cedar Colors: The ACC is in the process of defining cedar color.  Once we select a benchmark color(s)
then we will look to see if the color sample submitted has too much orange, red, gold or yellow to be
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